Colors of the Month are Red and Green.

I’ve been attempting to pick two colors a month as the focus colors for my youngest daughter age two. I’ve been making a poster for each color and matching cards to go along with them. For the month of December I chose red and green because of Christmas.

I laminated the color posters and the cards for extra durability. My youngest enjoys matching the cards to the pictures on the posters. As she picks up a card I ask her which color poster it goes to red or green. Then she finds the correct picture spot. It makes for a simple activity in which a child is able to combine the concept of matching with color recognition. If you don’t have a laminator you can turn it into a fun cut and paste activity. In which the child is able to cut out the pictures working on their scissor skills and then glue the card to it’s matching spot on the color poster.

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The laminator shown above is the specific one I use. As for the Learning Colors with Nana Hedgehog book and the counting bears they are both great tools to help with color exposure and color recognition.

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If looking for more color learning ideas click any of the images below.

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