Cut and paste Christmas collage activity.

Since today was my oldest daughters first day back to school after a long weekend due to Thanksgiving I had already mentally prepared myself for extra resistance. Therefore I allowed her long breaks in between lessons and decided to throw in a fun simple cut and paste activity that I knew she’d enjoy.

I pulled out construction paper, scissors, glue, and several toy magazines. What I had set out to be a one page collage that would represent what they wanted for Christmas quickly turned into several pages for my oldest daughter. Which later we turned into a Christmas wish list book kept together by three staples. My youngest age two stayed interested for about 10 minutes in which her main focus was the glue stick.

My oldest daughter age 6 eating a snack and making her Christmas list.

Since today I had planned on keeping the day simple and not overwhelming for my oldest daughter I used the cover of her book as a way to throw in a little writing practice. I’ve been getting better at learning her triggers and knowing when to back down and allow her a break to avoid major meltdowns. School can be overwhelming and as a parent it can be hard to separate parental guilt from a professional approach. Therefore I find myself often pushing her to keep going only making it worst. I’m beginning to accept that it is ok if she wants to get up during a lesson and chase her younger sister down the hallway. It is school at home, structure although important doesn’t have to be as strict. Having fun is important, as long as we are practicing writing, reading, and math daily that is all that matters, it’s not about how we’re adding additional practice.

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The toddler scissors aren’t the greatest at cutting paper, therefore I use them with my youngest because I don’t have to be as worried about her hurting herself with them. Although adult supervision is always required with scissors and other craft supplies.

Thanks for visiting I know it can be stressful working along side a child as their parent and or caregiver, it’s normal to be frustrated. Children are the most comfortable with the people they’re around the most which means they’re often more stubborn and more prone to showing their own frustration. Just keep at it, and you’ll find the approach that works best for you and your child, or children you teach.

If your looking for other Christmas inspired ideas click on the image below.

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