Christmas calendar with Christmas themed counting coloring pages.

My oldest daughter is currently working on learning sight words, reading written number words, and counting. My youngest daughter age two is gradually learning to count and is building a basic foundation of skills. Therefore I made a fun Christmas Calendar for my daughters to mark off each day with a fun corresponding coloring page.

Christmas Calendar laminated for durability.

The coloring pages represent numbers one through twenty-five. Each coloring page has simple sentences with sight words and the corresponding written number for extra reading practice. I opted not to include the number symbol because I wanted my oldest to try and write them by memory best she could. I figure everyday my daughters can color a coloring page and cut out the images for scissor practice, then glue them onto construction paper to make their own Christmas scenes.

Christmas Calendar Coloring Pages

1. I see one pretty Christmas tree.
2.    I see two kids wearing Christmas pajamas at nighttime.
3.  Do you see three gingerbread houses?
4.  I see four silly polar bears in Santa hats.
5.  I see five angels.   
6.  There are six hedgehog heads in Santa hats.
7.  I see seven penguins. 
8.  I see eight reindeer heads.
9.  I see nine gingerbread people that I can decorate myself.
10.  I see ten Christmas books.   
11.  I can see and count eleven dogs with Santa hats.
12.  I see twelve snow people in the snow.
13.  There are thirteen little candy canes for you and me.
14.  I see twelve Santa Clauses how many more would be needed to make fourteen?
15.  I see fifteen seals with Santa Hats.
16.  I can see and count sixteen chimneys.
17.  I see seventeen orcas.
18.  There are eighteen Christmas stockings.
19.  Do you see nineteen turtles in Santa hats?
20. There are twenty stars in the sky tonight.
21.  I see twenty-one gumdrops.
22.  There are twenty-two Santa hats.
23.  I see twenty-three ornaments.
24.  I see twenty-four elves.
25.  I see twenty-five presents.

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My youngest daughter gets into everything and since we tend to decorate our Christmas tree with ornaments my husbands mother bought him yearly when he was growing up we decided not to put out a normal tree. Instead last year and this year we decided to keep the ornaments safe from her. Instead we’ve been putting up the toy tree and the gingerbread house to play with. During the off season we store the tree in her bedroom for my daughters to pretend play Christmas together, stacking toys around the tree.

Thanks for stopping by Please keep in mind any printable activities are meant to be done with adult supervision even coloring as crayons can pose a choking hazard in small children.


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