Thanksgiving coloring pages for early readers that are appropriate for the year 2020.

My husband and I haven’t fully celebrated Thanksgiving in several years because of our work schedules we often spend the day at work rather than with our kids in the traditional way most people do.

This year with COVID-19 the holidays look different for everyone. It has been a struggle for my oldest daughter staying at home, visiting her grandparents less and adjusting to the reality of school at home as I’m sure it is for most children.

Therefore this year the concept of being Thankful for what we do have seems to be more important than ever before. Rather than the constant repetition of reminding my daughter that this is the new normal. No matter how hard as parents, and or caregivers we try to keep them safe there isn’t a prior place to seek advice from we’re all just figuring this out for the first time. Trying to stay calm, as we keep our kids calm. Honestly how can we keep our kids calm when the constant reality weighs on us.

Even if I wanted to keep a distance from her and the rest of the world away from the reality of COVID-19 it’s impossible. In matter of months we’ve added masks into typical out of the house attire. When a six year old searches for cute masks to buy with their birthday money it leaves me as an adult feeling sad. Sad that at six years old my daughter has to embrace a reality of uncertanty. Yet proud that my daughter respects the safety of others.

Shifting back to point during times filled of such negativity and distress it’s important to remember what we are thankful for. To slow down and remind ourselves were still alive and there is still good in the world, and even in times of a pandemic we can allow ourselves to be happy. We all should give thanks to the ones we love, and be thankful for each other. For people working in healthcare settings, grocery stores, and any setting in which they’re directly involved with the public. Even people working from home that are still continuing at times when it might feel helpless. Teachers navigating a new normal, parents trying to bridge life before with life now.

There’s plenty to be thankful for. Rather focusing on what we’re loosing out on during the pandemic instead atleast for one day we can focus on what is worth being thankful for.

That’s why for the holiday of Thanksgiving I made my daughters five coloring pages with simple sentences for early readers. Rather than focusing on Thanksgiving in the traditional sense I focused on what Thanksgiving may look like this year. Reminding my daughters it’s the small things that matters. We don’t have to be talking to someone in person to socialize. We can talk on the phone, we can see people on the computer, and make cards to remind the people we care about that we are thinking of them.

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Thanks for stopping by Please remember any printable activities are meant to be done with adult supervision and are for personal use only thanks.

If interested in more coloring pages with a Fall theme to go along with the Thanksgiving pages click any of the images below.


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