November’s question: Why do leaves fall?

We have a lot of trees around our home which makes for an abundance of leaves especially in our backyard. My daughters always asking about leaves and fascinated with why they fall and how they fall from trees. I asked her why she thought they fall down her response was that they get blown down by the wind.

Then she’ll ask me why and there I am put on the spot, I know why leaves fall although in terms of a scientific response I’m pulling out my phone trying to find an educated explanation. Therefore I created a simple sheet for myself with a more scientific answer than they fall because it’s getting cold and that’s what leaves do. I also added definitions for any words that I thought she’d ask me what does that mean. I make myself simple reference sheets for everything because I’m not a teacher I’m a mom simply trying to guide my daughters through their early years while exposing them to as much information as possible.

Why do leaves changes colors and fall?

I made a fun leaves counting activity to go along with the leaf theme. My oldest daughter helped me cut out the pieces and began playing with as soon as it was laminated. I try to make new activities each month that way my daughters don’t get bored of the same thing.

Four leaves on the tree.
Three leaves on the tree.
Writing practice and counting.

Besides a counting activity the leaves can also be used to teach patterns and talk about colors.

I also made five leaf theme coloring pages for early readers.

The “Counting to 12 with Leaves” design is available for purchase on a spiral notebook and more items at the NanaHedgehog shop on Redbubble.
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If looking for other fun Fall theme ideas click the images below.


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