Halloween art using cool and warm colors.

My oldest daughter has been learning about warm and cool colors in aspect of art. In order to further reinforce the subject we made Halloween theme art together. I allowed her to pick out the supplies she wanted and to choose what she was going to create with a Halloween theme. When it comes to art I allow her to freely express herself. She gets discouraged and can be quite stubborn during school time therefore when we get to art I allow her to take control. I offer up an idea of what we are going to make and allow her to figure it out from there.

She chose to draw Frankenstein and a witch.

The supplies she chose to use were a total of two paper plates, orange construction paper, markers, and glue.

For Frankenstein she picked out a paper plate and markers. She chose green, blue, and purple to draw Frankenstein. We talked about the fact green, blue, and purple are cool colors.

For her witch drawing she chose a paper plate, construction paper, and markers. She glued her construction paper onto the paper plate after she finished her drawing. We discussed that the orange background, and the red words she said were “ha ha” were written in warm colors. The witches body outlined in green I then re-emphasized is considered a cool color.

I chose to make a paper plate zombie with the help of my youngest daughter. I focused on cool colors for my Zombie plate art. To fully reinforce the concept to my oldest daughter. Having kids with a four year age gap means I have to try to engage them both at the same time while trying to stick with both their levels. My youngest is exposed to much more than my oldest was at her age. She plays with markers, tries to steal the glue sticks, and scissors therefore I use the toddler scissors to be safe. She enjoys art time and always our art time ends in a huge mess to clean up at the end.

Supplies I used to make Zombie plate.
My youngest helping stick the green pieces on.
Zombie plate using cool colors.

When my youngest grew bored of sticking the green pieces onto the plate she then grabbed markers and began to make her own art on another paper plate.

My youngest daughters two favorite colors are yellow and pink.

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Thanks for stopping by LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com. Please remember all activities are meant to be done with adult supervision. I know especially right now it can be tough sticking through all the craziness with kids. The mess of art cleaning up all the supplies, markers all over the place, paper scraps all over the floor I just remind myself it’s worth it in the end when my kids proudly hang up their art work excited about what they created. Not everything has to be perfectly structured and sometimes it’s just nice to let kids express themselves in a way in which they learn and get their emotions out in a healthy safe way. We can all just do our best, and keep trying to find what works best for our kids because not all kids learn in the same way.

If looking for more fun Halloween theme learning ideas click on images below.


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