I am made of shapes! Pumpkin dough mats.

With my daughters having a four year age gap I’m always trying to find and come up with activities that are suitable for both their levels. My youngest is turning two in November therefore my husband and I are working on introducing her to different shapes. Both my daughters enjoy using dough to create and play with. Therefore I made a fun pumpkin theme dough mat to go along with our other dough tools. The pumpkin is made up of various shapes for my youngest, while keeping in mind my oldest daughter I made sure I labeled everything I’m always trying to expose her to letters and the fact letters make words. The more exposure to simple reading the better.

I am made of shapes pumpkin printable.
Playing together.

If you hate the mess of dough and not interested in a dough activity the Shape Pumpkin can be printed out and decorated for fun as well. It could even be cut out for fine motor practice. Any way in which it’s used it can be a great way to introduce children to shapes and for older children the written word of shapes.

I made the Shape Pumpkin both in color and without color. I personally try to reserve color ink as much as possible therefore whenever plausible I print out in black and white. It also allows my daughter to color things in making it feel more like her own. In case anyone was interested in a colorful play dough placemat I provided one of those as well.

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Items above are some of the Play-Doh kits my daughters and I play with on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com. Please remember any activities found on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com are meant to be done under adult supervision especially when using play dough with small children. Also please remember any printable found on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com are for personal use only thanks. Hope you enjoy the I Am Made of Shapes Pumpkin. If looking for more Pumpkin theme and or Halloween theme fun click on the images below.

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