Halloween Costumes Get up and Move: Alphabet Sounds Game.

I’m always looking for more fun active ways to learn. My daughter for the most part can name beginning sounds. Although that doesn’t stop me from trying to find more ways to practice and expose her to the sounds letters make. The more practice and exposure the better, the quicker she can pick up on it and the easier reading will become for her.

My oldest daughters attention span being short and the fact I hate sitting for long periods of time I thought it’d be great to incorporate a cute costume theme Halloween alphabet sound game to get us moving, learning, and playing together. Something even my youngest can enjoy. That’s why I created this Halloween Costumes Get up and Move: Alphabet Sounds Game printable. After printing out I laminated everything for durability. I then round the edges when cutting out cards so they don’t poke my daughters hands.

Halloween Costumes Get up and Move: Alphabet Sounds Game Rules…

There is no winner or loser it is a cooperative game to learn and practice beginning sounds in a fun and active way.

Game Rules:
Place the cards in a bucket or in a pile and pick a card.

Costume cards: Whomever picks the card names the beginning sound and then all players are able to act out the card together.

Work Out Cards: Player that picks the card does as the card says.  For example if a player picks the card 10 jumping jacks they then do 10 jumping jacks.  Work out cards are used to make the game more active. All players can do the exercise if they chose.

A  airplane; arms out, jump then go down onto your belly. 
B  butterfly; elbows out jump and flap your elbows.
C  car; sit on your butt, arms in front pretending to drive a car.
D  duck; say quack quack and flap your elbows.
E  elephant; arm to your nose shake your head up and down.
F  fire truck; stand up lift up knees and arms to climb a ladder.
G  giraffe; arms above head stretch and stand on your tip toes.
H  hippo; stomp your feet as you march.
I  iguana; go to your hands and knees and crawl.  
J  jellyfish; move your arms as if they’re tentacles.
K  kite; pretend to fly a kite.  
L  ladybug; flap your arm three times then get down to your knees and crawl on the floor.
M  monkey; jump up and down making monkey noises.
N  narwhal
; put hand to head to be a horn and pretend swim.
O  ostrich
; kick one foot out then the other several times.  
P  pig; lay down on your back and pretend to roll in the mud.   
Q  quail; run nodding your head as if your looking for worms.
R  rabbit; hop around.  
S  spider; sway back and forth as if swinging from a web.   
T  train
; say choo choo and run around. 
U  unicorn
; hand on head like a horn and gallop like a horse.  
V  volcano
; arms above head and shake them as if exploding.  
W  whale
; pretend to swim.
X  xylophone; play the pretend xylophone.
Y  yoyo; pretend to play with a yoyo.  
Z  zebra; take a few steps and do a little jump.

My oldest daughter helped me come up with most of the exercises for the costume cards. To be honest though when we play she usually decides on spot what to do and switches the movement with her mood during game play. It’s really about having fun, being active, using their imagination all while learning and or practicing letter sounds. My daughter retains info and sticks with something the most when she’s able to put her own spin on it and just enjoy the game.

R is for Rabbit
R is for Rabbit

Whomever picks the card tends to decide what to do, and then we all act it out together after naming the beginning sound. If my oldest isn’t in the mood to name the sound, and just wants to act out the cards then I make the letter sound a few times say the letter and the word myself that way she can at least hear it.

The Halloween Alphabet design is available on tote pictured above and a few other products at the NanaHedgehog Shop on Redbubble.
(I make commission on any purchases bought through the NanaHedgehog shop)

A book my daughters grandparents bought them that they both enjoy reading with me, it’s one of their top favorite Halloween books. It’s not often I can get them both to sit down at the same time and read with me, on occasion when I’m able to this is one of the books I read to them especially around Halloween time.

(I am a participant in the Amazon Affiliates program and any qualifying purchases made through affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)

My main focus with my oldest daughter when it came to the game was to work on listening to the letter sound not recognizing the visual letter therefore I omitted words when creating cards for the game I printed out for her. I provided two downloads one without words and other with words in case anyone wanted to focus on letter recognition as well as beginning sounds.

Thanks for stopping by LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com. Please keep in mind all printable activities and ideas are meant to be done under adult supervision and are for personal use only. I hope Halloween Costumes Get up and Move: Alphabet Sounds Game may make the process of learning letter sounds a little bit more enjoyable all awhile getting your kids up and moving and having fun.

If your looking for more Halloween inspired alphabet learning games click on image below for the free Save the Brains Zombie Theme Alphabet Game printable.

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