Pumpkin plates turned into necklaces.

For the month of October the theme is mainly pumpkins and also Halloween. This week we got started on our pumpkin theme. My oldest daughter isn’t one to always follow the rules and do everything the way in which everyone else does it. Being that during her school lessons I have to keep her on track and make sure she’s doing everything the way it’s instructed when it comes to our free art time I try to keep things light and fun. I allow her to get carried away with the process and do it in her own way. I believe creative expression is important and it’s not a process I like to hinder.

This week I told her we were going to make pumpkins. I then asked what she wanted to use to make the pumpkins construction paper or paper plates. She chose paper plates and paint. I chose paper plates and construction paper to make a pumpkin craft with my youngest that is almost two.

My oldest daughter decided she wanted two paper plates put together for her pumpkin. After she painted and allowed the plates to dry I then asked what she wanted to use to connect the plates glue, stapler, hole punch and string, or duct tape. She chose a hole puncher and string. She hole punched both the plates together that didn’t work then we discussed other options and she decided it would be easier to do one plate at a time. Once finished making holes she then laced the string through both plates and decided it was now a pumpkin necklace.

Pumpkin Necklace Craft Supplies…
-two paper plates
-paint brush
-hole punch
-shoes laces/ string

At five going on six I allow my oldest daughter freedom with her art and choosing her own materials to create with. My youngest at the age of one almost two I’m more involved in her creating process. I cut out orange squares from construction paper and smeared glue all over the plate. I started by showing her how to stick the squares onto the plate she then began to do so herself. When finished I asked what color dots she wanted to use for the face, eyes, and nose. I wrote her name on it with sharpie on the top circles that’s suppose to be the stem of the pumpkin. On the mouth stickers I wrote the word pumpkin.

Pumpkin with Construction Paper Craft
-paper plate
-orange construction paper
-dot stickers
-marker or pen

The scissors pictured above are not the greatest because they are difficult to cut with, however they’re my go to scissors when doing art projects with my youngest because she always tries to take whatever I’m using. Since they are plastic scissors I can feel less neurotic and stressed out if she takes them from me. Adult supervision required at all times of course. The 30 pack of glues sticks is a necessity in my house because we go through glue quickly, therefore I buy in bulk. The crayola easel is great because it’s not highly priced and everything a kid needs is all in one place it even comes with watercolors paint.

If interested in more pumpkin theme ideas click the image below for pumpkin life cycle printable activities and coloring pages.

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