More apple tree theme coloring pages.

I use coloring pages in the lesson plans every week because it’s always been hard to get my oldest to stay on track and be interested with lessons. She always wants to do her own thing her own way. Therefore I keep the coloring pages simple so she can draw in her own images however she wants, as she reads the words. By saying hey lets color together she doesn’t feel as pressured by it, and begins to cut up the pages however she wants working on scissor skills as well.

My daughter’s and I finished our apple tree theme coloring pages for the month of September last week. I try to use simple sentences to help my oldest practice her reading skills on most the reading coloring pages. This set I decided I wanted to throw in a little bit of shape recognition for my youngest therefore I made a simple tree using shapes and labeled everything for my oldest to look at the words.

If interested in checking out more apple theme learning ideas and activities click the images below.

Please remember everything found on is for personal use only and meant to be done with adult supervision.
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