Save the brains; Zombie alphabet theme game.

My daughter recognizes and is able to recall the letters of the alphabet although at times she gets mixed up and it takes her time to remember each letter right away. Therefore I’ve been trying to come up with ways to add in alphabet activities throughout the day that are fun and entertaining for her.

With October about a week away I decided to make a zombie theme game for alphabet recognition. I try to switch out the games monthly or every few months to keep it new and interesting by implementing a new theme.

Save the Brains: Zombie Theme Alphabet Recognition Game.
(Scroll towards bottom of page for free printable.)

Brain Tokens:  Are used to make the game go a little faster.  Especially when using both the lowercase and uppercase decks at the same time. When a player runs out of brain tokens the game is over and each player can begin to count the number of people cards in their house.
Boy cards are lowercase.  Lower case Zombies I chose to use letters that kids often get mixed up the most for example lowercase b, d, are tricky and often are mistaken for each other.
Girl cards are uppercase.  For uppercase Zombie cards I chose to use the back portion of the alphabet kids tend to receive more exposure to uppercase A B C D therefore I wanted to give extra attention to the letters further back in the alphabet.

Game setup.
  -Each player gets a house game board to place the people cards they collect.
  -Pass out an even number of brains to each player.
  -Shuffle the cards and lay them face down.

Objective of the game is to get as many people to safety as possible. At end of game work on simple counting skills by counting up all your people cards on game board.  Whomever has the most wins.

Game Play
Youngest player goes first.
Draw a card from the game deck.
  Person card:  Read the letter on the card out loud.  For extra game play ask the child to name the letter sound as well.   When finished the player places that card in their house.  If the child gets the letter wrong  depending on their age and where they are in their alphabet learning journey you can allow them to place it in their house anyways, or tell them to place the card back in the game deck to try again later.
  Zombie Card:  If the child gets the letter wrong they lose a brain token.  If they say the letter correctly they can steal another players brain to feed to the zombie.  If you get a zombie card you can challenge your child to a race down the hallway in a circle etc.  If you win the race you get one of their brain tokens. If you lose the zombie eats your brain token. 

The first time we played the game I used only the uppercase letter cards to quiz her in a way that didn’t feel like a quiz in order to find out which if any uppercase letters she needed extra help with. She was able to name each one, a few of them she needed help with the letters sound. Therefore I wrote that down in order for more review later. She asked me why there weren’t any boy cards, I explained to her I made all the uppercase letters girls, and all lower case letter boys and that eventually we’d mix both decks together. I chose to do all upper case girls and all lowercase boys in order to be able to quickly sort the cards whenever needed to easily pull out upper or lower case cards.

In the upper case pack I made a y and z zombie because I had 24 people squares to work with. The rest of the zombies I used letters at the end of the alphabet because the first several letters A-D kids are introduced to often through early learning toys and things like that.

We played the game the next day with lowercase letters (boy cards) in order to test her knowledge on lower case letters. The font I used threw her off when it came to the letter q so we talked about how each letter can look a little bit different depending on fonts. Besides that she was able to name each one. She still needs more practice in order to recognize each letter instantly sometimes it takes her a minute staring at the letter before she calls out the correct name other times she’ll say the abc’s in alphabetical order out loud till she comes to the correct letter.

My husband, oldest daughter, and I all colored in our own game boards after I laminated each for durability.

Books above are fun Halloween themed books my daughter’s enjoy reading with me.

P is for Princess is a book my daughters read with me often and enjoy flipping all the flaps. The magnetic letter board is a toy both my daughter’s enjoy playing with and has helped my oldest work on writing letters of the alphabet.

Zombie theme alphabet tote bag is available for purchase at the Nana Hedgehog shop on Redbubble.

Please remember all activities found on are meant to be done with adult supervision and are for personal use only.
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