My daughter’s homeschool kindergarten setup in her bedroom. A quiet space.

My oldest daughter was disapointed by the fact she wasn’t going to be attending a traditional school. She was looking forward to being around kids and making friends. Unfortunately for her online schooling is the predominate approach at the moment. My husband and I decided to enroll her in an already established online homeschool program because I’m not someone who can just wait and see. Therefore we enrolled her in June to be sure that she’d have an educational Kindergarten year.

My daughter’s main educational wall in her bedroom.

My husband and I wanted to make it feel as school-like as possible therefore we bought her a more traditional looking school desk that is adjustable. My daughter complains when looking at her tablet and or laptop that her neck hurts, so we bought her a desk that can tilt upward and wont bother her neck as much. I used a storage tower to keep all the books and supplies provided by her school, and any extras we bought for her. For example notebooks, folders that sort of stuff.

I stuck our printer in her room, originally we had it in mine and my husbands bedroom. Knowing we’d have lots to print out we placed it in her room for better access.

School supplies and fun things we use to add to school time stored within door organizer.

Eventually I’m planning on creating my daughter a sight word wall, suggested by her teacher. As for now we have a sight word poster, another alphabet poster, and a number poster we bought as a set for the wall. Once I figure out how I want to go about the word wall I will share the end result. For now the above image is what it looks like.

Posters above are some printable posters I made to place in my daughter’s bedroom school space. We have educational placemats on the wall in the living room that cover numbers, shapes, and colors. We also have more in our youngest daughter’s room therefore I didn’t want to buy more shapes and number posters so I made them that way she’d have reference posters in her bedroom. Buying everything I find adds up quickly therefore I’m constantly trying to come up with ideas of my own to save money, while supplying my daughter’s with the tools they need to be successful in school.

Thanks for reading, and remember a school space isn’t about perfection all the posters on my daughter’s wall hang slightly crooked and often are slapped back on to the wall in different order. I used velcro strips to hang them in order to make them removeable and more accessible therefore they’re never perfectly placed on the wall because it’s not about a beautiful set up it’s all about being a useful decorative space. One in which she can change out and take down in order to look at closely.

I laminated all the posters for durability then stuck command strips on the backs in order to make all the posters in her bedroom moveable.

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