Teaching young kids about culture. The Country is Belgium.

For the last few years I’ve been focused on preparing my oldest daughter for Kindergarten which meant I spent most our time working on letter recognition, numbers, shapes, colors, talking about emotions, trying to cover all the basics. Something I often overlooked was the importance of exposing her to other cultures and languages. I believe the more exposure a person has, the more likely they will have an open mind and respect for other people and cultures. Most rudeness and disrespect happens due to ignorance. Therefore a few months ago my husband and I began briefly introducing another country to our children weekly. In order to learn new information, become culturally evolved and begin to explore the concept that English isn’t the only language spoken.

We took a break over the summer, and started up last week. This time the plan is to pick four countries a month from the same continent. My daughter chose Europe. I just continued where we left off which brought us to week 8.

Continent: Europe
Week 8 Belgium
Week 9 Croatia
Week 10 Iceland
Week 11 Sweden

Since the week we studied Belgium was my oldest daughters last week before starting school, I kept the lessons short and simple. I started off by reading off a simple culture sheet about Belgium.

For a short language lesson we read a a simple picture I made written in English/and Dutch since Dutch is the primary language of Belgium. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we looked over the picture.

On Friday at the end of the week, I gave my daughters five Belgium themed coloring pages to color together that my oldest daughter could read for an additional reading lesson. I choose any facts or foods or anything that my daughter can relate to that corresponds with the country.

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