Bunny and carrots counting activities.

I have been trying to think of more activities to use with my youngest daughter to teach her the basics that I could also use as review activities for my oldest. Since my youngest enjoys watching the bunnies outside I decided to incorporate bunnies into the activities. I started off with the counting activities shown below.

Bunny poster numbers 1-10. Free printable towards bottom of page : )

I made a simple number poster that I laminated for durability. I figured it would be something simple to go over together and count to ten often.

Feed the bunny activity. Free printable towards bottom of page : )

I printed out the bunny page and laminated it in order to make it a reusable activity in which I could write different numbers in the blank space for my daughters to count out different numbers of carrots. My oldest enjoyed coloring all over it with dry erase markers.

Bunny and carrot number matching. Free printable towards bottom of page : )

I made a bunny and carrot number matching activity that I laminated and cut out. I used the number symbol and written word on each bunny. On the carrot cards (or as my husband called them orange ice cream cones with green ice cream on top) I placed a different number of carrots ranging from one to twelve to match with the correct number bunny.

Items above are items my daughter’s and I use to count and go over numbers together. The counting bear set is great because it comes with colorful cups, two sets of tongs, dice, small and big bears, and activity cards. It covers color learning, sorting, big and small and counting all at once. It’s intended for children over three the small bears and dice are a choking hazard, as always adult supervision required. The fine motor hedgehog is a great toy for my youngest because its a safe toy to play with for her age, helps with motor skills, color recognition and counting.

Please remember any activities provided on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com are meant to be done under adult supervision. (I am a participant in Amazon Affiliates program and any qualifying purchases made through any Amazon links throughout this post I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)


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