Life Cycle of a Frog

My oldest daughter wanted to know more about tadpoles and frogs. Therefore I decided to create printable activities and charts to create a week all about frogs that covered information about frogs and provided frog themed math and reading lessons.

Most the charts and activities I printed out I had laminated and placed sticky magnets to the back of to place upon our educational magnetic wall.
Life cycle of a frog Chart.
Life cycle of a frog magnets.
Words that are used throughout the frog unit.

For math I made a math activity involving frogs. It looks like this…

I laminated the activity for durability, and stuck magnets on the back of it. The subtraction and addition cards I laminated and cut out. I use it as a math game in which my oldest picks a card from the pile and I help her read the sentence in which she recreates using the frogs. I even added preposition words such as in, on and at. My youngest enjoys placing the frogs onto the scene and taking them off. I chose to add magnets to the back and place it on our magnetic wall, also we played with it on a magnetic board as well.

Cut and paste sequencing activity.

I included the above cut and paste life cycle of a frog sequencing activity that involves cutting out each life cycle stage and gluing them back in correct sequence order. Starting as an egg and developing into an adult frog.

My oldest daughter knows her upper and lower case letters most of the time. I believe in repetition and revisiting skills over and over again therefore I try to plug in alphabet practice often. Since our theme was frogs I came up with letter practice activities concentrated around the word frog.

One activity involved letter dots. The blue dots I scrambled the letter in the word frog hidden within other letters and had my oldest daughter search for f r o g and spell the word frog. I wrote the word frog on a piece of paper for reference. On the green dots I wrote the letter f many times. I asked her what letter it was and what words besides frog starts with the letter f. I also asked which ones were upper case F and which ones were lower case f.

Constructing the word Frog using alphabet beanbags.
Constructing the word frog using alphabet acorns.

I used alphabet beanbags and alphabet acorns as tools for her to reconstruct the word frog and to work on various letter sounds.

In order to incorporate a simple reading lesson into our frog theme I made five coloring pages all about frogs. I tried to keep them simple, informative and easy to read along with for early readers.

Enjoy the all about frog theme printable activities : ) please keep in mind all activities are intended to be done under adult supervision.
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