Teaching months of the year and days of the week to young kids.

Homeschool Calendar door with a rose made out of construction paper and tape made by oldest daughter.

In the process of preparing my oldest for Kindergarten I’ve been having a hard time finding an engaging and organized method of teaching her the concepts of Months, Days of the weeks, Seasons, and Weather. I’ve made her several Daily Activity Journals. In which had pages she was suppose to fill out daily in which she was prompted to circle the day of the week, month of the year and circle the corresponding number that represented which day of the Month we were on. I realized days later the attempt was a fail because I forgot the number 22. I was able to get her to participate some days, most days she’d roll her eyes and reluctantly filled out the page.

I tried buying a magnetic calendar to hang on the kitchen wall I was optimistic until the first week went by, and I stared at the horrid mess of numbers and months scattered all out of place all over the board, and down on the floor. I threw it away several months later when I had finally accepted it was a fail after my daughter looked at it with me explaining the calendar is a mess and to messy to play with.

When I set up our main homeschool wall I made a simple sheet to fill out daily. In which prompted me to ask my daughters which day of the week we are on, and to recite the months of the year to my daughters daily.

I’ve been debating on buying a pocket chart calendar that way I’d have something large and easily readable for my daughters to see and help me update daily. With the small size of my house and the limited wall space left I wasn’t sure if I could accommodate a calendar. Ultimately I went ahead and bought it placing it upon our front door. My husbands first comment was this is going to be a mess to clean daily. The youngest is going to take everything out of the bottom pockets.

Although he was right and the cards end up all over the floor it works much better than the magnetic calendar we had because the cards are large enough that they’re easy to find and durable enough they should hold up to typical toddler curiosity. As of now I really enjoy it as an addition to our homeschool set up. I’ve been trying to find items that helps my daughter accept a more non traditional approach to school. We’ve recently enrolled her in an online school that starts in September therefore I’m really trying to rethink our current set up to accommodate Kindergarten rather than only preschool. My husband and I wanted our daughter to get the best education she could in the midst of recent events due to Covid-19.

I hung the pocket calendar using 6 command hook clips. The calendar comes with storage pockets at the bottom in which I used to store the extra days of the weeks, months, weather, and birthday cake cards. The rest I placed in a bag that I hung on a clip above the calendar to keep the storage pockets form being overfilled.

The bag I used to place the extra pieces from the calendar in come in three color assortments, plain black, plain white, and assorted colors. I bought them in plain white because I often use them as present bags for my daughters grandparents. In plain white my daughter is able to draw all over them with fabric markers as an extra sentimental present to go along with their other presents. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and any qualifying purchases made through links throughout post I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)

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