Hedgehog emotional cards.

Hedgehog themed safe spot to calm down wall upgraded with emotional cards.

I posted awhile back my daughters hedgehog themed safe spot to calm down. I’ve recently made emotion cards to go along with the wall. To give my daughters and I more opportunity to talk about and safely deal with our emotions.

Free emotional hedgehog cards printable towards bottom of page. : )

The cards are meant to be used as a way to explore my oldest daughters feelings and why she feels the way she does. Also it gives me opportunities to teach my 20 month old the words for different emotions.

Simply my daughters can grab a card from the pile and for example if she gets the word angry I can ask my daughter, “Tell me a time you were angry?” and she tends to respond with, “when my sister takes my stuff.” Which happens often because at 20 months she’s always trying to grab everything. It gives me a chance to explain to her it’s normal to be angry about that although she is 20 months old therefore if she reacts to the situation by yelling and shouting at her little sister it’ll teach her little sister that when upset it’s appropriate to shout at the person and rip the item out of their hands. Which that isn’t the best route to take.

Other cards in the set are suggestions of how to calm down when upset and or angry. If my daughter pulls for example the listen to music card out of the pile we talk about what music she likes and makes her most calm and happy when she listens to.

There are different ways to use the cards. I simply laminated the set I printed out, and placed them in a laminated pocket sleeve to hang on the wall with Velcro command strips. Also if you wanted they could be used as magnets for a magnetic fridge. In this case I opted out of making them into magnets if I had I would use them on my daughter’s educational magnetic wall. Made with a black chalkboard like sticker that goes directly onto the wall instantly turning any spot into a magnetic chalkboard.

We have switched out the type of seating that we use in our safe space to calm down corner many times. I’ve recently went on a search for some sort of chair anything that would be safe for both my daughters. My youngest loves to stand on all chairs and books anything at all. She makes me super nervous therefore I bought wobble cushions that as my oldest points out doubles as a great exercise tool. Also works great during my daughters makeshift obstacle courses.
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If you want to check out the rest of the emotional hedgehog printable posters on my daughters calm down wall click here to see that post. : )

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