Learning Colors With Nana Hedgehog.

Learning Colors With Nana Hedgehog synopsis; Nana Hedgehog invites your young ones to class. The subject of the day colors. Young ones will get to join in on all the color fun, as they explore Nana Hedgehogs classroom as a helper for the day. Filled of activities to spark enjoyment and engage them within the learning process.

I’ve been thinking about creating an early educational book series for awhile. I wanted the books to be interactive and engaging for young children, I knew I wanted to have tangible printable activities that would correspond with the books itself. To further reinforce the elements of the book.

Since it was my first book I wanted to start off somewhere simple, in which I chose colors.

When writing and illustrating the book I wanted to really drill the color words into my daughters head. My oldest is at an age in which reading is a center focus, although she can recognize her colors visually I want her to also be able to read the color word. With her in mind on the first page I placed the colorful hedgehogs in random order, and wrote their names in alphabetical order. Each hedgehogs name is the color in which they are for color learning purposes. I wanted her to focus on reading the words rather than visualizing the colors themselves.

My youngest on the other hand is at the age in which repetition is most important, and during any sort of lesson she ends up digging in and throwing things around. Which is another reason I chose to switch up the order of the colorful hedgehogs throughout the book. To continue saying each hedgehogs color name, over and over.

I made two basic drawings of people for young kids to color, decorate, and use along with the book to make kids feel as if they are really a helper in Nana Hedgehogs classroom. My daughter and I colored the people out one for her and one for her little sister. She cut off her little sisters characters arm in the process. Although the arm wasn’t salvageable I went ahead and laminated both the characters anyways.

Coloring activity to go along with page 3.
Colorful Hedgehogs and food to print out goes with pages 6 and 7.

This color sorting printable goes along with pages 6 and 7. I believe learning sinks in better when a child has something tangible to play with and physically able to sort. I printed and laminated my copy for my children to use when we read the book together allowing them to physically give each colorful hedgehog their snacks.

An additional printable to go with the colorful hedgehogs and colorful food sort activity.
Coloring activity to go along with page 8.

On pages 9 and 10 Nana Hedgehog invites a special visitor (Prism Creature) to her classroom to teach her colorful hedgehog students about prisms and rainbows. For added fun you can conduct a simple prism activity at home. If interested I found a simple prism experiment here.

On pages 13-15 I made simple mazes upon my oldest daughter’s request. She is obsessed with mazes and told me the book wouldn’t be complete without any. I know it can be frustrating trying to follow a line on a touch screen device therefore I made a printable version of the mazes to print out to go with the book.

If your interested in purchasing the book Learning Colors with Nana Hedgehog its available for purchase on Amazon here.

All printable activities that correspond with the book Learning Colors With Nana Hedgehog are free to download and print for personal use only. I made them to pair perfectly with the book, although they work well as stand alone activities.
(I am a participant in Amazon affiliates and any qualifying purchases made through any Amazon links throughout post I earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)


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