Week 7 Spain

My oldest daughter has been wanting to learn Spanish, we have several books we read throughout the week that teaches simple words in Spanish. At bedtime she likes to go through a board book and tells me to quiz her as I read the word in Spanish and she tries to name what it is in English. Therefore I figured it made sense to study another Spanish speaking country. We had already studied Mexico for week two, week 7 we studied Spain.

The books above are Spanish books we have been using for the past several months to study the Spanish language. Both my children enjoy the My First 100 Words in Spanish, it’s great to use with my one year old because it is short simple and a board book therefore she can’t rip it into pieces.

Lets Learn Spanish, is a great book because it gives a brief introduction to Spanish in the first pages, helping a beginner to understand the basics of the language. Making it perfect for children and an adult trying to teach a child all awhile teaching themselves at the same time.

Both the board books A Book in Four Languages are in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. They’re perfect for using with my children being they have a four year age gap. My youngest wants to be involved in everything my oldest does however she’s at the age where she wants to rip everything up and doesn’t understand the word gentle.

Throughout the week we used the books I mentioned above during our foreign language lesson, and I used this simple chart to introduce the country of Spain to my daughters because of their young ages five and one I kept it simple.

I always make coloring pages to go along with the country of the week. I choose simple concepts with simple sentences to push my daughter to read throughout the weekend. A way to sneak reading in separate of her designated reading times.

I try not to add to much detail into the coloring pages, and leave empty space because it gives my daughter the opportunity to draw and add in whatever she wants to the coloring page. She chose to draw a tree, a net for the ball to go into, and she added a line informing me that she was drawing the kids leg kicking the ball into the net. Her tree is the tiny green patch with orange lines all over it.

When we’re finished coloring the pages my daughter and I cut them out and place the pages into my daughters country of the week journal. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and any qualifying purchases made through Amazon links throughout post I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)

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