Country of the week 6 France.

I chose France for week 6 because I’ve been reading my daughters two books that are in four languages English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. We’ve studied in previous weeks countries that spoke Spanish, and Mandarin therefore it felt fitting to talk about a country that speaks French.

My daughters are five and one, therefore I keep it simple when introducing the country we are studying for the week. I used this simple chart to read to my daughter’s about Spain.

Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays we go over the country of the week, and have a brief foreign language lesson. For France we studied the French language. We watched this video, and read the two books I mentioned earlier. A Book in Four Languages My colors, and A Book in Four Languages My Numbers.

We end the week by recapping what we learned for the week, by using coloring pages and cooking a dish that corresponds with the country we studied. For France my husband made ham and cheese Quiche. My oldest is five and a huge part of my husbands and I focus is trying to help her read. I tend to incorporate simple sentences in with her coloring pages to keep her reading outside of her designated reading time.

This was mine and my daughter’s attempt at conveying an impressionistic style.

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