Country of the week 5 Tanzania.

Week five the country we chose was Tanzania because I’ve been trying to find a way to bring everything we are working on during the week into one cohesive unit. As of now I’m failing, and we’ve been bouncing around different subjects and concepts.

This month we received our monthly Science Junior box and the theme was all about Jane Goodall studies of chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania. It felt fitting to incorporate Tanzania within one of our weekly studies of a country and it was a good start to trying to tie all our lessons together.

Eventually I plan on finding a way to create my own concept for all important preschool and eventually Kindergarten subjects into one place, rather than an overwhelming amount of info without any cohesive approach so I don’t rely on several different monthly and or yearly subscriptions for all the various topics of education in which I’m doing now. It adds up rather quickly between subscription boxes, and products my husband and I buy to keep our children up to date with their education.

On Monday we start off with a simple introduction to the country were studying for the week. I used this simple chart in order to incorporate the key points to my daughters all about Tanzania.

After the chart we tend to follow up with a foreign language lesson, this week I went with kiswahili in which I played this video for my daughters to watch several times during the week. I tend to pick a video or two that is appropriate to watch many times because repetition is important in order for information to sink in.

On Friday we went back over our Tanzania world culture chart and watched the same video from Monday and Wednesday, after that we enjoyed a meal cooked by my husband. Tanzanian Coconut rice, that he paired with chicken. He’s recently stated the only reason I started this is so he’d cook me a meal once a week, I couldn’t deny it. I’m not really the cooking type. When I cook I don’t do anything fancy cut up frozen precooked chicken, and toss it in microwave rice and that’s enough for me. In a family of picky eaters the conversation of what we’re having for dinner is often unbearable to endure. Once a week it’s all about trying something different, and it keeps us all more accepting to eating whatever is made.

Finishing the week up on a fun note I printed out my daughter coloring pages to fit the theme of Tanzania, and help tie in a brief reading lesson.

After my daughter and I colored together and read the short sentence.

The learning resources puzzle globe is something I’ve bought around a year ago, it’s a simple way to introduce the concept of continents to young children. Although for some reason Australia never seems to stay attached when not in use and it drives me a bit crazy, it’s a neat globe. My daughter’s love taking the pieces off and placing them back on. It also is cute enough to use as a toy/decoration sort of thing. If your living in a house with little ones you know they don’t differentiate between décor do not touch and a toy. Therefore I’ve embraced that and have gotten use to incorporating toys within décor.

If you were to buy the three pair of toddler scissors and think why would anyone ever recommend this crap they barely cut through paper. I know I thought that, although the worrier in me loves them for that reason. With a five year old and a one year old it’s hard to keep the youngest away from all the cool stuff her sister plays with. If she leaps in and wants her sisters scissors I can feel a little less stressed about it. As with anything adult supervision always required.
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