Country of the week 4 China.

Country of the week 4 my daughter spun her puzzle globe and landed upon the continent of Asia. A few months back I bought a really interesting book My First Book of Chinese Words, An ABC Rhyming Book of Chinese Language and Culture, by Faye-Lynn Wu. It felt fitting to go with China and use that book as a gateway for our lessons.

After the short lesson about the country on Monday we took a break before leading into a foreign language lesson. The foreign language lesson we repeat on Wednesday and Friday. During our foreign language lesson this week we studied mandarin a dialect of Chinese.

Our lessons consisted of two books and a video. I tend to repeat the same books and video throughout the week so it all sinks in better. I don’t expect my daughter to be fluent in several languages at the age of five its more about teaching her respect for other cultures and languages so she doesn’t act rude towards someone not speaking English simply because she’s never been introduced to another language.

Both the books used for this weeks lessons are written in four languages. A book on numbers and the other a book of colors. They’re short and simple, and give children a sense of how numbers and colors differ in different languages.

On Fridays we try to end the week by making a recipe from the Country we studied. For this week my husband made chicken fried rice, and chicken with broccoli. The idea behind it was to taste culture and my daughter and husband cook together she loves helping in the kitchen. The issue being I’m a huge germaphobe and my daughter around raw meat, no way. Or be near a hot stove, I am not a cool relax parent I’m super up tight. Therefore my daughter didn’t participate in the cooking this week. My husband spilt chicken juice all over the floor I was in a huge panic and wasn’t even in the kitchen. Lets just say if it was up to me we would be vegetarians I could live with out raw meat in my life.

Anyways since it’s Fridays a fun day and concludes the country of the week we end it with a party and coloring pages. That my daughter tends to finish coloring over the weekend. I try to use simple sentences because if I can casually slip in a reading lesson that carries through the weekend it makes it that much better. It gives us something casual to do together that holds her attention and has a little bit of reading involved.

My daughter decided to cut out and hole punch a dragon.
She asked for a string so she could lace the dragon.

I allow her to lead the coloring/craft time we have on the weekends. Sometimes she’ll just color the page, other times she’ll cut them out, and this week she decided she wanted to use the hole puncher. She chooses which she wants to put into our country of the week journal and which she wants to leave out.

I recommend the odd shape crayons if you have toddler age children and fear them putting crayons in their mouths, they’re much safer and less of a choking hazard than other crayons. The twistable crayons are great because they don’t have to be sharpened, although if over twisted they fall out and are a pain, besides that they’re great. I recommend the three pack of scissors as a great beginner scissor they barely cut paper, which makes them a great distraction for my youngest as she’s trying to steal her sisters scissors. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliates program and any qualifying purchases through any of the amazon links in this post I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)

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