I see a __________ at the playground.

My oldest daughter recently told me she missed going to the park, although things are opening back up nothing is quite back to normal. My husband and I just continue to explain to her that we have to continue taking precautions. Wearing masks when we go out in public and continue practicing social distancing. To a five year old all that sounds like nonsense and often she replies with “The stupid Coronavirus.”

Last week she wanted me to make her a farm with farm animals, this week I made a playground upon her request because she missed going to the park as she puts it. I’m not ready to take her to a park playing on playground equipment yet, therefore I made a playground themed scene. It’s not the same obviously, it does however help me with getting her to read a short sentence and reading several other words in the process. Although it’s not a an active activity, it’s a great activity for her imagination. She loves making up stories with the people, she even paired it along side the farm we made last week for more story telling ideas.

After my daughter and I colored, cut out, and I laminated everything.

I printed it out without color because it allows my daughter to color it however she wants, and gives us something to do together. She even drew her own sun up to Velcro in place upon the other sun in the playground scene. As we color I ask her to read the sentence and the words. When finished I laminate it all myself then she cuts the people out, and she helps place Velcro pieces where she wants the people to go. The use of Velcro dots help keep the pieces from going missing when stored away and brought back out.

I made the people with various shapes to sneak in a short simple lesson about shapes with my youngest, a way to remind myself to talk about various shapes.

Failed first attempt.

After my daughter and I colored the playground scene I had a mishap with the laminator and also burnt waffles at the same time. I’m not the best multitasker apparently. We went ahead and colored another playground scene that attempt was a success. It all worked out she grabbed the first copy and decided it was a perfect scissor practice and began cutting it into light sabers.

My daughters played together with the park activity, and then next thing I knew there was lacing cards out and stuff animals that according to my oldest were injured and she had to sew them back together. The park scene held her interest long enough to incorporate a reading lesson during play time. Often in our house we start off with one thing and next thing I know it’s off to another.

I also made two work sheets to go along with the playground activity. A simple match the pictures to the correct word worksheet. One page covers the words boy, girl, mom, dad. The other page covers things seen at a playground, seesaw, slide, swing set, and a sun.

Farm scene.

Above is a farm scene I created previously. If interested you can download directly from download button above or click here to go to the I see a _____ on the farm post.

Please keep in mind adult supervision is required especially with a one year old like my youngest for example, when playing with the park scene especially if using Velcro dots. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliates program and any qualifying purchases made through amazon links above I may earn a commission on.)

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