Country of the week 3 Algeria.

Week 3 my daughter pointed to Africa on her puzzle globe. From there I read off countries in Africa and my daughter chose Algeria to study for the country of the week. I came across this site for a lot of useful information to share with my daughters about Algeria.

Here is the simple chart I filled out about Algeria to share with my daughter during our lessons.

Blank chart to fill out however you want 🙂

The primary language of Algeria is Algerian Arabic therefore we studied Arabic for the week. I found Arabic to be an interesting language that I enjoyed becoming acquainted with. Honestly before the past few weeks I’ve only ever known English and only briefly studied Spanish. I never realized how many different languages there actually were and all the dialects out there until recently.

I didn’t feel I’d be able to properly create a chart of the Arabic Alphabet myself to share with my daughter therefore I went on a search for a printable online.
I found a printable of the Arabic Alphabet here that I printed out.
I found these useful videos online that I used during our lessons.
Arabic Alphabet Video
“My Grandfather’s Farm” song

Our lessons start off on Monday reading simple facts about the Country of the week, following with a brief language lesson. Wednesday, and Friday we talk more about the country following with a brief language lesson. Usually on Friday my husband and daughter cook something together from the country were studying. My husband and I kind of slacked this week and didn’t cook a dish from Algeria. However we did end the week with coloring pages corresponding with Algeria. I chose to use two images the fennec fox because it’s the national animal of Algeria, and a bird because there are over 400 species of birds found in Algeria.

My oldest reading, coloring, and cutting out the coloring pages for the week before her sister wakes up.
All cozy in a mermaid blanket the perfect choice for a casual coloring and reading day.

My daughter’s technique is to dump the pencil bag I keep their crayons in all over the floor and pick through the different types to find the best color choice. Then when finished she cuts out the images and glues them into our world of the week journal.

The only two pieces that made it into the book.

My daughter stashed the rest of the colored and cut out images aside to give away to her Grandpa, Papa, and Dad for Father’s Day. She always gets upset and tells me that she doesn’t have money for real gifts therefore she has to make them herself. I try to explain that sometimes those are the best gifts it’s the thought that counts. She did recently try and negotiate money for chores, in which before bed she made a mess in her bedroom on purpose that way she could clean her room in the morning and I’d have to pay her for doing so. She happily informed me of her plan as she got ready to brush her teeth for the night. I explained chores don’t work like that, it’s about cleaning up after yourself always instead of leaving your toys all over the floor for someone else to clean after playing with them. Not making a mess on purpose. The difference was lost on a five year old.

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