I see a _____ on the farm.

My oldest daughter informed me she wanted me to make her something, specifically farm animals and a farm to go with it. I asked what she had in mind, if she wanted farm animals to go on the magnet wall or something to play with on the floor. Her decision was something to play with on the floor because she wanted them as she said “to be like a toy.”

I drew up a basic drawing of a farm, I labeled as much as I could that way she could connect the visual picture with the word. Then I made four basic animals. A cow, a duck, a pig, and a horse. I laminated everything then cut out the farm animals and used Velcro dots to hold them in place on the farm.

Finished project after everything got colored, laminated, and cut out.

I chose to keep the printable in black and white for three reasons…
1. Coloring the farm together allowed her to feel a part of the process and make it her own. She really wanted a blue cow.
2. By coloring it gave me the perfect opportunity to read the words with her, that way she knew what colors to use, and I could slip in a simple reading practice.
3. I’m always trying to find ways to save color ink.

My oldest daughter playing with her farm.

With my oldest daughter, my biggest focus is on reading comprehension at the moment. Ideally I try to plug in simple words with everything, just to keep her reading as much as possible. I’m very big on labeling pictures with words, to help make the mental connection between the two, the more exposure the more the words will connect with her. I don’t find the farm keeping her busy for long, for the mean time though it definitely caters to the story teller in her letting her create stories with the farm animals as I point to the words at the top having her read I see a ___ on the farm.

My youngest playing with the farm picture.

With my youngest she’s still in the stage where if I look away for a single second I’ll hear a giggle as she tries to put something she’s not suppose to in her mouth. Therefore this definitely is an adult supervision activity, that’s the point though, to sit down with her and ask questions for example “where is the pig?” as she giggles and rips the pig off the farm scene. I point to the sun and say “the sun is hot,” simple things. My youngest loves the act of taking things off and placing them back on and this fills that need perfectly.

If you don’t own a laminator or Velcro dots and you don’t want to buy any of that stuff. It’s a perfect glue and scissor practice activity. Just print it out let your kids color it in however they want, and glue the farm animals into place. A great activity to mix in on a day where maybe they just don’t want to read a book, you can sit down with them color, cut, and read with them in a less formal way.

Velcro dots pictured above are the ones I used in beige because my husband bought me them as a surprise, next time I’d buy them in white to blend in better. They are decent and have held up to ware and tare in projects I’ve used them with in the past. The downside is that they do get stuck to each other on the roll they come on. I’ve left them inside the box and take off the dots as I go each time I bring it out the dots seem to get stuck to each other and are messy besides that they work.

The 50 sight word reader book set has a book that’s called Farm Friends. It’s my oldest daughters favorite book in the set, and pairs with the printable. The set has really helped in teaching my daughter sight words because they’re super short just like her attention span.

After spending a night making the printable, and coloring it with my dauther the next day she responded with thanks. Shortly after that she infmored me she wanted a park scene. Since as she put it we no longer go to the park and she really misses it. My husband and I try to explain to her that eventually in time things will gravitate back to normal, as of now we just have to take precautions for ourselves and everyone else. One of those precautions just so happens to be staying away from parks. Shortly once I complete her request I will upload a park printable at that time. For now I hope your kids enjoy playing with the farm animals like mine have.

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