Country of the week 1.

The first country we chose as the country of the week was Netherlands because my daughter really wanted to make pancakes and doughnuts. Upon looking we stumbled upon the Netherlands where it’s possible that the idea for the modern day doughnut (oliebollen) could have been brought over by Dutch immigrants to the United States of America. Source found in this interesting article about doughnuts. It felt fitting to start somewhere in which we could make something together we knew she’d like and enjoy.

On Mondays I introduce the Country of the week to my daughter giving her a basic description about the country. My oldest is only five so I keep it simple and basic without over filling her with facts. She has a rather short attention span and is on to the next subject if I go on to long. I basically stick to this chart…

A blank version to fill in however you want.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday we do a brief language lesson all about the Country of the week. For Netherlands, the lessons consisted of one chart I made.

Image above is the black and white printable copy after my daughter and I colored it in.

and this video I found online. The video was ok, it was strictly in Dutch, as my youngest watched it I made sure to say each thing in English as the video played.

On Friday we talk about the country again, and we do a short language lesson. For week one the lesson was in Dutch. Friday is our party day, in which we celebrate what we’ve leaned for the week by my daughter and husband cooking a dish together and we all eat it. We made pancakes (pannekoek.) I found the recipe my husband used here. I also make my daughter several coloring pages correlating with the country of the week that have simple sentences to keep on track with my daughter’s reading lessons in a fun way. When finished we cut them out and glue or staple them into their country of the week journal.

My oldest coloring before her little sister wakes up.

Altough for this coloring session my youngest was asleep usually she’s right there in the middle of it all grabbing crayons, that’s why I bought the crayons pictured above for a safer option. Of course they don’t stop her from taking her sisters crayons. Their shape makes them less of a choking hazard which is great for a one year old, their bulky design makes it difficult to even try and stay in the lines which makes them hard to use for a five year old learning the art of patience. The three pack of scissors above barely cut paper, I recommend them as a starter pair for over paranoid types likes myself, if it can’t cut paper they can’t cut themselves by accident. Also highly recommended for anyone with children with an age gap, when my youngest goes for my daughter’s scissors I hand her the red, blue, or green pair as a distraction. Since kids can hurt themselves with anything adult supervision required with the plastic scissors, the crayons, and any other art supplies.
(I am a part of the Amazon affiliates program and may earn a commission off of any qualifying purchases through images above.)

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