Country of the week 2 Mexico.

In my house we’ve recently started a country of the week theme. On Mondays I give my daughter a brief introduction all about the country. Week 2 was all about Mexico, because my daughter has recently shown interest in learning the Spanish language and being Mexico is close to the United States the country in which we live it felt fitting to use Mexico as the country of the week.

A blank chart to fill in however you want.

After reading my daughter the information on the chart we do a short language lesson corresponding with the primary language of that country. In which consists of videos I found online, books, and or charts that I’ve made to help carry out brief lessons.


The four books above are the ones I use during my daughter’s Spanish lessons. Mis Primeras 100 Palabras, My first 100 Words is the book we use the most because my youngest rips up everything and being a board book it’s the safest route. (CLICK HERE if interested in a review of the books from another post.)

I made this chart as a simple picture reference to go over a few simple words.
Without color option kids can color themselves : )
English/Spanish color chart.

I played this video during our lessons several times. It worked perfectly to bridge the age difference between my one year old and five year old. I enjoyed the repetitive nature of the video and that it said everything both in English and Spanish. I usually play it when they’re sitting down and eating for something to watch, eating is one of the few times neither kid is running around therefore it’s the perfect time to slip in an educational video.

I use a variety of the resources depending on my children’s mood throughout the week. Generally speaking Monday, Wednesday, Friday I make sure to incorporate a Spanish lesson or which ever language corresponds with the country of the week. The books I tend to use daily with my youngest who as of now enjoys being read to.

On Friday we do a short foreign language lesson and my husband and daughter make a traditional food from the country in which were studying. Being my oldest is a picky eater we keep it simple and we chose tacos for Mexico. I also made several coloring pages representing things Mexico is known for. Each coloring page contains simple sentences to help reinforce our reading studies.

My oldest daughter concentrating on cutting out tacos, under adult super vision.
She turned a taco into an eye patch.
My youngest thinking about coloring, under adult supervision.
Cut out and glued into my daughter’s Country of the Week Journal.

When were finished with the coloring pages I had figured we’d place them inside their Country of the Week Journal. Glue is my first go to, unfortunately it doesn’t last long in my house whenever glue is available my oldest goes glue crazy and we run out quickly. Therefore I often resort to stapling the pages into the book. My idea for the coloring pages was a way to casually get my daughter to read and review words we’ve been working on, while being able to include the youngest. My oldest decided to cut the pages up it worked perfectly because it gave us a chance to work in a scissor activity as well.

I bought crayons pictured above for my youngest because she makes me nervous with normal crayons. Although she still gravitates towards all the other crayons when it comes to coloring, she loves stacking them and watching the pile fall. With my first daughter I was terrified of the idea of allowing her to use scissors, the first pair of scissors she used were the red pair from the three pack of safety scissors. Honestly they barely cut paper and are difficult to use because of that, I still really liked them in the beginning because if the scissors can’t cut paper I knew they’d be safe to use without constant fear. My oldest was probably older then three before she ever was given a pair of scissors to cut with. My youngest she’s to young for scissors although I bring out the red pair during scissor activities to keep her from being tempted from taking her older sisters scissors (Fiskars brand pictured above) which can cut through paper.

(I am a part of the amazon affiliates program any qualifying purchases placed off amazon links throughout this post I may earn a commission on.)

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