Setting up a homeschool preschool in a small Livingroom space.

Main wall in living room converted into a learning wall.

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The images above showcases the biggest wall and items upon it I used in my daughter’s homeschool preschool set up in our living room. Upon our wall I placed a laminated pocket pouch to contain a list for each day of the week to keep myself on track. Also being able to cross soemthing off a list brings about a sense of accomplishment and helps ignite interest. Everytime my daughter finsishes a task off the checklist we simply cross it off for the day. I placed all the pocket charts onto the wall with Velcro command strips in order to be able to remove and place back on the wall when needed.

Example of my 1 year old lesson plans

Most of my youngest daughters list are super simple tasks to hold me accountable. A simple reminder for myself to check in and make sure we talked about colors, counted to 10 simple tasks. I make sure I bring the color/shape placemat and the number placemat off the wall daily to spend a few minutes naming colors and counting to 10 with a large visual aid. I love using educational placemats because they’re strong durable and highlight important things to teach.

Example of my 5 year old lesson plans.

My oldest daughters lesson plans are more involved than my youngest lessons of course. I’ve realized I haven’t put in much effort in teaching my daughter about culture and the world. Therefore recently we began a country of the week theme to work within our studies. We introduce the country on Monday and celebrate on Friday by my husband and daughter cooking a dish that’s well known in that Country.

Besides the country of the week theme her list is reading oriented, we do however scatter in a math program two days a week. Also we receive a science box once a month and sprinkle in the theme of that box throughout the month in which we received it.

I printed the chart out and laminated it in order to be able to circle the month and the day every day as a part of our daily tasks. The copy I made for our classroom wall had candles for November for my daughter’s birthdays. If interested click the download link below for a copy of the free chart 🙂
Reading focus wall.

Sight word list link where I found the free printable sight word lists I placed upon our reading focus wall.
This is where I printed the Reading lessons progress chart.
Our reading focus wall is fairly simple and used to track my oldest daughter’s progress, and help me keep on track with words of the week and different letters to review for the week. Although she’s able to recognize her letters now I still continue to review them corresponding with that weeks words. I used Velcro command strips to place the word sheets and words lists upon the wall that way I could remove them whenever I wanted my daughter to read off them. Also I laminated them all. The words of the week chart and letter of the week chart I wrote on a notebook sheet laminated and placed it upon the wall, allowing me to change the words weekly without wasting more paper. Better for the environment and better for the bank account. So total win.

Magnetic learning wall.
Our cluttered book and toy section in living room.

An educational Livingroom wouldn’t be complete without books. We have books in both our daughters room and even tucked in a corner of the playroom upstairs. Although may be an overkill keeping them readily available keeps my husband and I on point to read to our kids. Although my oldest is at a stubborn stage, my youngest is constantly grabbing out a book and handing it to me.

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through any Amazon affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.)

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