Simple reading coloring pages for a simple Friday.

In my house we try to stay on point and review the week in a simple relaxed way on Fridays. This week I made my daughters super simple coloring pages, with the most generic sentences possible. Since my biggest focus when it comes to my five year old currently is learning the basics of reading. Whatever that takes. With her, it’s taken many different strategies. When it comes to my youngest the main focus is keeping her busy by incorporating colors, animals anything into her day. Coloring pages with super simple sentences and animals helped bridge the gap between their ages and learning level.

Free coloring pages towards bottom of page : )
Keeping an almost one and a half year old busy
and getting a five year old to read at the same time can be made simpler with coloring under adult supervision of course.

My husband and I try to read with our oldest as much as possible. We started reading to her as an infant every night, and I thought it was going to spark a long lasting love of reading in her. It didn’t. At first it worked, when she was younger she enjoyed her bedtime book the older she got the more stubborn she became. Eventually she got stuck on the same two books, one being an animal lift the flap book with very little reading in it, and the other being an “I-Spy” type of book, with even less reading involved. Eventually she would just point to the pictures and ignore the words all together.

In time I began to focus less on the concept of reading a book and instead tried plugging in reading with everyday play and activities. I made flowers out of construction paper and popsicle sticks with sight words to place in my daughters play room. She sells them at her grocery store, and when prompted she’ll read me the words off the flowers. I also incorporated the process of learning her name with the flowers as well. I had made bear shaped flowers using cookie cutters to trace, that I wrote the letter of her names onto the front side of each bear and the back side I wrote the number that corresponded with the letter. For example my daughters name starts with L therefore the back of the teddy bear had the number one.

Before my husband and I bought our daughter the Melissa and Doug grocery store, I used a storage tote to store most the play food we have and placed a toy register on top. Which is significantly cheaper and works just fine, sometimes simple forces children to use more imagination and there is no harm in that. I call it a tote, although the correct term is closer to three drawer organizer cart.

We still use it to store some of the play food in and it works great I’m obsessed with totes. Anytime I ask for another my husband complains we have too many already. I rather like them because they’re inexspensive simple, and I can buy them as needed. Of course they require adult supervision when it comes to my one year old to make sure when she opens them for toys she doesn’t pull it down on herself. They also come with wheels and I simply use them without the wheels.

(I am a part of the amazon affiliates program.)

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