Number Puzzles…

My oldest daughter is at the age in which I’m trying to incorporate as much reading into her daily routine as possible. Without resulting in her stomping off because in her words “it’s not learning time.” Although as her mother I feel at her age everything can be a learning experience.

She loves puzzles, when she’s in the mood that is. Therefore I made her a hedgehog themed number puzzle. Incorporating the numbers 1-12. I wanted to make sure by the time she started kindergarten she could at least recognize the words for beginning numbers.

I made the number puzzles in two versions, the basic version in which she had to match the numeral number symbol with the correct number of hedgehogs to boost her confidence and encourage her to continue. Whenever something is challenging she’s ready to move on, in which I explain to her we know nothing until we learn it. Not knowing something isn’t a reason to be discouraged with yourself. The message hasn’t quite set in yet, I figure eventually it will. Anyways I made the easier version to keep her interested because she’s able to recognize the numeral numbers, and the second version is to help her learn to read the written word of a number. Version two is about matching the number hedgehogs with the corresponding number word.

Hedgehog number puzzle, free printable towards bottom of page 🙂

In order to make the hedgehog puzzles I printed them out on basic paper and laminated them for durability. You could use card stock whichever works best for you. After cut them out along the lines, and enjoy 🙂

“Ten Little Ladybugs” by Melanie Gerth, is a great book to use to help incorporate reading recognition when it comes to numbers. It’s a fun way to count along, and it shows the numbers both in written text and the symbol. It’s another tool my husband and I try to throw in to get my daughter to read and recognize numbers. When she was younger she loved counting the ladybugs on each page, every page until the end of the book. She would also touch each ladybug and tell me their corresponding color. (I am a part of amazon affiliates and may receive a commission from purchase through link above.)

(please remember all printable items found on learning-with-nana-hedgehog are intended for personal use only.)

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