Teaching my daughter how to properly wash her hands.

With everything going on currently the concept of washing hands has been more important than ever. It’s such a simple thing right? I’ve always been a germaphobe the concept of washing my hands is an automatic response to everything. Sometimes I’m like uhh doesn’t everyone wash their hands already?

When it comes to my five year old daughter, she knows to wash her hands after using the bathroom. If she’s going to help prepare food, she rushes to the sink to wash her hands, before she eats I get the eye roll and “yea mom I washed my hands,” as she rushes to the sink as if she wont get caught up in a lie.

My concern was, can I trust that she’s washing her hands long enough? Just running water isn’t enough. When she starts school I won’t be there to tell her to go back and use soap. Not to forget to mention her lazy method of putting her hands under the sink a little soap and within seconds she’s rinsing the soap off soap suds still left on her hands as she dries them off with a towel.

I looked all over for the proper hand washing technique, it’s difficult to find one set method for just about anything in life. I ended up using more than one source to reference off of (links below.) I took several pictures of my daughter washing her hands, for a reminder to wash her entire hand and why it’s important. She thought it was hilarious as I kept walking her through the process for example “palm to palm, back of hands, finger nails.” I placed all the photos together as reminder for her and placed it on the wall in the bathroom. As she washes her hands she’ll say. “mom i’m not doing that weird way.” I simply just remind her it’s not weird it’s the proper way, what’s the point of washing your hands if your not actually washing the whole hand anyway? She will shoot me a dirty look and complete the process as she sings her own silly song she changes the words to every time she washes her hands. I also created a simple poster to remind her of several examples of when to wash her hands.

printable link for posters towards bottom of page : )

I also made images that I laminated and cut out to put on our magnetic learning wall. I used as a way to hold her interest when talking about the importance of washing her hands and what germs are. She then made up her own story about germs. I left the hands blank so she could color those how ever she wanted, everything else I made in color.

Materials needed for magnetic story board…
-printable story board pieces
-crayons, colored pencils, etc. (for the hands)
-laminated pouches
-adhesive magnets

All items listed are the specific items I used when making the magnetic washing hands germ board. (I am a part of amazon affiliates and make a commission on links above.)

Sources for handwashing information.

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