Teaching Colors…

The opportunity of teaching colors is all around us; eating, for example here is a red apple, going for a walk look at the green grass, the blue sky. The most important thing is constant repetition and remembering to describe various objects with the color mentioned, for example, look at this pink shirt, look at this blue shirt, do you want the pink shirt or the blue shirt? Within every day life there are many different opportunities to plug in colors, so many it’ll drive you insane repeating color words all day, unfortunately for our sanity repetition is the key.

Both my daughters love their ball pit, I always think in the back of my mind those things are dirty, the great thing is having one at home means a lot less germs. As long as I stay on top of the cleaning. I mostly use spray cleaners non toxic because I can’t understand the point of eliminating germs by adding toxic chemicals because then I’m just solving one problem and creating another. Anyways getting back on track the point is the ball pit keeps them occupied and as they play I can keep naming off colored balls as my daughters throw them around at each other and play silly games. My daughters have gone through five different types and styles before we settled on one that’ll last more than six months. We’ve bought large blow up pools they were neat until my daughter jumped on the side too many times causing a hole in every single one of them. We ended up settling for a pop up tent style, although it’s smaller it works much better than I had thought it would and the greatest part it cant deflate. Although it’s not real large, were able to fit a small slide in it, that my five year old daughter still is able to use.

My children’s personal ball pit.

I also made my daughters colorful hedgehog magnets to place on our magnetic learning wall to plug in colors when my youngest daughter just feels like grabbing things down and throwing them on the ground. Then I pick up the hedgehog say the color place it back on the magnet wall she smiles and throws it back on the ground. As I mentioned before teaching colors is all about repetition. The magnets I placed on the back can pose a chocking hazard as always adult supervision required.

Colorful hedgehog magnets, free printable link towards bottom of page ๐Ÿ™‚

My oldest daughter age 5 can visually recognize her colors, my current focus is helping her to recognize the written word for each color. Puzzles are a fun way to work on color and word recognition together. I made her a hedgehog color puzzle in two versions one version where the written word was in the correct color and the other version the corresponding color was in black print that way I could gauge better which words she recognized. I printed out the puzzles on basic paper then laminated them for extra durability to last longer.

Color puzzles, free printable links towards bottom of page ๐Ÿ™‚

I also made two simple color posters that can be laminated and hung on the wall, or simply be used on the ground to point out colors.

Basic color mixing poster, free printable link towards bottom of page ๐Ÿ™‚
Color poster, free printable link towards bottom of page ๐Ÿ™‚

materials needed to make the hedgehog color magnets…
-color hedgehogs printable
-laminated pocket sheets
-adhesive magnets

Items listed above are the specific items I used when making the colorful hedgehog magnets. (I make a small commission off items bought from affiliated links.)

Items listed above our toys we use to help with color learning. (I make a small commission off items bought from affiliated links.)


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